Monday, April 20, 2009


They're expensive! No more ghetto phone.


From John Madera--get in touch with him if you want to contribute. I intend to, once my life settles down (?) a little.

"I've started a new project and I need help. I've just "launched" a new online literary journal called The Chapbook Review ( It will focus exclusively on reviewing fiction and poetry chapbooks. Besides reviews, I'm hoping that it will also include critical essays and interviews. I haven't found any other journal that concentrates only on this particular form.
As you'll find, the site is in its embryonic stages.
So this is a call for:
Website design help and ideas
Chapbooks to review
And whatever else I haven't thought of"


This weekend I went to Proteus Gowanus to visit the Morbid Library and see stuff like this.


J.G. Ballard died this weekend.

I remember reading Crash freshman year of college while I was stuck in bed with a tube in my lung. A fine book.


On Saturday I had a terrific sandwich. Open-faced. The Stone Park BLT at Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope. Instead of bacon, it has pork belly. Crispy, crunchy, juicy slices of pork--it's like the apotheosis of all the good qualities that bacon can boast. Solemnly recommended.


Hm, the stock market fell a lot today. I wonder if it will plummet again. This is all a sucker's rally. Soon we will all be adrift.


On Saturday I read for the Lungfull! magazine release party. It was fun. ASB came, and some friends of hers, and there was an auction. If I had the money, I'd have bought one of the paintings or engravings that were for sale, because they were pretty cool--one was a sort of ham with legs running through a forest, which I liked. I don't understand who was spending ~$100 on these things, though! Who can afford that? (Other than the drunken woman who screeched, "I just spent $700 on dresses yesterday, I can do what I want!!" in response to a man shouting at her, "Rachel, your husband's going to be mad at you!") I read four sentences because it was getting late and I was starving and wanted to go to the taco truck and then get some pork and crabmeat soup dumplings. The reading ran long, or I would've liked to hang out at the party for a little bit.

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