Sunday, April 26, 2009


Saturday, hiking. We spent a while relaxing in a cold mountain stream where everything was mossy and green and amazing. But the rest of the hike was sweaty and scratchy, and the landscape was a little surreal, with mostly dead knee-high brush and occasional trees or a grim rock; it felt a little weird. Very humid and hot. Here's a picture I took of what it generally looked like:

I just got back from doing a reading at KGB for Fawlt Magazine. Ryan asked me to fill in this afternoon because a poet had dropped out. The reading went really well. It was packed and everyone was good. The other readers (I'm looking back at the email Ryan sent me, since at the reading itself I was so unprepared I didn't know their names) were Jon Michaud, Amy Paeth, and Alex Dumont. All excellent. I read "Rat Beast" because it's short and easy to pay attention to. It seemed to go over well.

This weekend I saw three movies. Tell-Tale, Tyson, and Obsessed. Tyson was great. Tell-Tale was a Tribeca premiere where a lot of crazy shit happened at the screening, like a guy had a seizure or something and they had to turn on the lights and stop the film, and the director, sitting behind me, was understandably bewildered as we all waited fifteen minutes to see the denouement. Obsessed was a piece of junk but very entertaining. They really punted on a lot of story possibilities in it, and the most fascinating thing is how the climax involves a battle between the two supporting characters (with the main character nowhere in sight) simply because the biggest star in the movie, Beyonce Knowles, plays a supporting character, while the protagonist is played by the relatively unknown (but great) Idris Elba, from The Wire.

Also, I again had the delicious pork belly BLT at Stone Park Cafe, which is a sandwich I cannot recommend highly enough.


vrone y co. said...

Eating pork belly during the swine scare! Very bold. I thought your piece at the KGB/Fawlt event gave the series a perfect conclusive punch!

-veronica (a fawlt editor)

N A said...