brothercyst: ALL RIGHT

Friday, May 29, 2009


Who tried to use my credit card to buy a bunch of stuff at a Victoria's Secret in New Jersey?

Ugh, I'm going to the bank.

I read Nobody Move by Denis Johnson, which wasn't bad, and just bought Four Freedoms by John Crowley, which I'm excited to read. Up late every night this week writing. Some people are seriously dragging their feet on some shit and I'm getting annoyed. Things are out in the world, action must be taken. BEA is happening, entities are having events, I don't have time to go to anything, I don't have time to do really much of anything anymore.

When I used to review books for the NY Sun, I'd send in a review and it would appear in the paper literally within 48 hours. I want publishing books and short stories to feel like that.

Rainy malaise all week and now suddenly the sun's out, maybe it'll stay out for the weekend? After last weekend I looked like a Mayan.

What is a cheap island to live on?

I haven't looked at grants or writer's colonies in a while and I started thinking about it this morning. I really should do that; some let you stay for two straight months.


tinmaninc said...

Trinidad and Tobago are supposed to be kind of cheap, and relatively nice. Some places are a little rough, but a New Yorker should be able to handle it.

N A said...

That does sound pretty good. I just did some googling.

tinmaninc said...

They are supposed to have a Carnival that rivals Rio. I've been told that the only difference is that the one in Trinidad is not as organized.