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Sunday, May 31, 2009


After an extremely sunny day and lunch at Stone Park, I came home and fell asleep for a three hour nap, thus missing a good portion of the afternoon sun and some valuable working time, but whatever, I've been an unproductive slug for the past two days anyway.

In my dream, I was an old, grouchy museum worker at a museum made almost entirely of marble. The museum had something to do with the history of cartoons and animation, which was a secret history and not as straightforward as everyone thought--cartoon characters were strange creatures that had first existed in the real world but been subjected to some process that transformed them into what we know from TV and movies. Attached to the museum was a cemetery that was enclosed by high walls and a glass gate. I would have my lunch there. Whenever anyone entered the cemetery, they would shout, "Come real!" to tell all the gargoyles and so forth to stop moving around and become inanimate stone so that people could enter.

Then a person brought me a small, silvery toad in a vial. I looked more closely at it (it was huddled against the glass trembling or quivering very slightly that way small animals do when they breathe) and saw that it was like the grub form of Bugs Bunny. We opened the vial and it leapt out and started bouncing off the walls of the cemetery and squirming and struggling around. It was divisible and recombinant (are those the correct words? i'm not going to bother to look them up right now) like mercury. It was also sometimes stretchy like silly putty and sticky like blue sticky tack. Sometimes when you looked close, it would be making ridiculous faces. It tried to get out the glass doors and escape the cemetery, but I caught it. Everyone was watching.


Today, for an hour, I had a gross mustache.

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Diala said...

You look like a Saudi.