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Friday, May 22, 2009


I have a couple short stories in the works. And a short short should be on a website in a week or two. Two, I think.

The sun is drunk-sun outside. So vivid today. I'm about to go to work. Still dealing with apartment stuff. The best thing would be if I could stay in my current apartment. Anyone want to live here/be my roommate? You could either have a huge bedroom for ~$1299 or a small bedroom for like $799. (I have the middle bedroom.) Either way you get a building with a free gym and roof terrace and so forth.

I'm going to "think positive thoughts."


Terminator: Salvation: Not bad, actually. I thought it was interesting that John Conner/Christian Bale isn't, in fact, the main character. It's the other guy, whose story is much more interesting, and who's played by a lantern jaw, Sam Worthington, with pretty okay skills as an actor.


This made me laugh. Zach Cregger's face is great.

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