Saturday, May 30, 2009


Enter the Void teaser.

EVA: Short film by Noe featuring model Eva Herzigova. Uncomfortable/erotic/touching/calming/disturbing?

EVA 2: Even more so.

FWIW, Gaspar Noe also made one of the most horrifying anti-meat commercials I've ever seen by filming the slaughter of a horse. I'm not going to embed it because it's too unpleasant, but it's here.


C Morris said...


Not really. You forgot "boring."

Noe tries very hard, but he doesn't work for me. Too much "look at me" and too little substance. Ira Robbins once said of Marilyn Manson "There's nothing as lame or pitiful as contrived outrage, and no band around fails to shock with as much concerted effort as Marilyn Manson." Same goes for Noe. His movies do little more than reveal his transparent desperation to impress filmdom's impressionables.

N A said...

I totally disagree with you. I think he has as strong a command of the form/language of film as almost any director working. You might not like how he employs the techniques he's mastered (I DO like his work for more than formal reasons), but it's hard to argue that he's not a master at the craft.

C Morris said...

Well, sure. And Marilyn Manson makes nicely produced records. I still don't want to listen to 'em, though.

In my view, his interest in making me watch something unpleasant, though, for damn little reason, sort of overwhelms his abilities as a master lensman. And I say this as someone with a taste for unpleasant cinema. In fact, I won't even disparage that unpleasant subject matter -- it's his intentions with it that I find so suspect. Outside of drawing attention to his film, his ultraviolence serves no satisfying artistic purpose. In other words, as an artist, he's a great marketer. Which brings us back to Marilyn Manson.