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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Had a drink this evening with a friend who had a very different, and much more hardcore 2009 so far than I have. I knew he was out of the country for a while--but somehow I didn't know he was in Baghdad. I had some catching up to do. He was writing for Time. But here's a bit of a piece he posted on Huffington Post:

One of their platoons had been on patrol when they came across some Iraqi Army soldiers who had caught a boy, he looked about fifteen, who had just set an IED. The Iraqi soldiers told him: you set it, you defuse it. So they sent the boy across the road where he crouched and began trying to defuse the bomb he had just set. It was at this point that the American platoon leader arrived, and said to them "What the fuck are you doing--" And then the bomb went off.

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