brothercyst: ENDLESS RAIN

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, not having to go to work is pretty interesting. I've been doing lots of writing. It's unclear to me when I'll have to start looking for regular income again. Sooner than the distant future, but not tomorrow. I'm anxious about it, but very glad to be free of invoices, expense reports, and the Thursday Morning Meeting (if I never hear the phrases "quick and dirty" and "soup to nuts" again, it won't be long enough). I bought a printer. It's already nearly inconceivable to me that I used to have to wake up before 11 a.m. Last night I went to sleep at 8 a.m. Unfortunately the weather has been so gloomy these days that it always looks like night or dusk outside my window. Rainy night or dusk, at that. I have some trips planned for later this summer...Maine, Massachusetts, and the Dominican Republic, at minimum... but I wish I were taking them right now. It's disgusting outside, and it has been, without exaggeration, for weeks.


Ian said...

I think you have delayed sleep phase syndrome; I recognize it because I have it, too. It's actually a type of sleep disorder in which one's circadian rhythm is longer than 24 hours, so the tendency is to go to sleep at a later time each night--and if you are free of morning obligations, this leads to compensatory oversleeping the next morning, and the cycle continues.

N A said...