Saturday, June 27, 2009


I reviewed The Hurt Locker for Film Threat. If it's playing near you, go see it. It's really good.

Last night I got off the train in Brooklyn at Atlantic Pacific and something weird was happening. The sky was going crazy. The clouds were these gorgeous soft puffs of color with red light suffusing them, and it stretched across the entire sky. Everything was bathed in orange light. People were stopped on the street taking pictures. Cops were getting out of their cars.

I took a few pictures with my BlackBerry but it didn't really capture the color or scale:

But ASB came out of her apartment and took a better picture that more effectively captures the light, although still falls far short of the actual experience. That's my head at the bottom:

Then we had beers and Kobe beef burgers.

Today, I started reading Bridget Jones' Diary.

My friend and former classmate/comedy group member Rob Spiro is pictured in the New York Times today for Aardvark, his company.

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Eric Shonkwiler said...

Those are mammatus, if you don't know. It's strange to see them in Ohio, let alone as far east as New York.