Sunday, June 21, 2009


Slept around 8 a.m., woke at 1. It rained all night. New York is still plunged in a sort of thin dusk. I did some writing, read Norman Rush's Mating, which seems terrifically written so far but we'll see how it plays out, and did revisions on what I had written.

I'm following the events in Iran pretty avidly. I hope you are too. Here's one of the best videos I've seen.

Some reviews and articles are out for Helen Oyeyemi's new novel, White is for Witching. (Great cover.) Here's one and here's another. I haven't read all of this one yet but I will, and what I have read seems excellent. If you haven't read her terrific first novel, The Icarus Girl, do so now.

John Crowley and Elizabeth Hand got into a brief discussion of Midnight Picnic in the comments section of this post, which is sweet.

I'm going to ReaderCon in July as a guest.

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