Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm going to Maine in less than 48 hours to spend the 4th eating cheap lobster and being lazy. At the same time, I have roommates moving in and roommates moving out. I'm trying to write something like three different things at the moment.

Check out this euphoric review of Public Enemies from the Times.

Bernie Madoff got more time than Al Capone and Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, says the Daily Beast. Good. He really deserves to suffer atrociously. When you're stealing money from The Innocence Project...

I was once in a meeting with a brainwashed corporate sociopath who had worked with Madoff and his sons at NASDAQ years ago. The sociopath was shocked at the revelations. "I thought Bernie was the most ethical, scrupulous guy I'd ever met," he said fondly. "Never in a million years... God, Bernie was just the most decent, intelligent guy... you know, when they came to his door to confront him about it, he just fessed right up? No excuses, nothing. I think that tells you something about an essential core of decency in the man."

Everyone else in the meeting, most of them the sociopath's subordinates, was staring at him, incredulous. In another meeting not long afterward, he would speak empathetically of the poor folks at AIG that were getting demonized for giving exorbitant bonuses to superrich employees after receiving bailout money. The man seemed impervious to incredulity.

I'm going to Readercon July 9. I believe I'll be on a panel called "The Killers Inside Us" with Elizabeth Hand and Paul Tremblay.

David Smith's retirement party was tonight. David is a terrific, eccentric, smart, funny guy whose presence at the library I'll miss a lot, as will many, many others.

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Little Miss Nomad said...

To be fair, though, MD, more often than not, writes pretentious and idiotic reviews. "During the big finish, Dillinger grins wryly at a black-and-white Hollywood picture with Clark Gable as the kind of gangster who could only have been invented by the movies, a gangster who is as false as the bullets that finally stopped Dillinger were real." Really? Really?