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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I read World Takes by Timmy Waldron last night after having bought a copy more than a month ago. It's awesome, really funny and really good. I got around to reading it in large part because I recently heard Timmy read from it when I read with him and Jackie Corley (Word Riot published the book) at Freebird Books a few weeks ago, and the stuff that he read was great. One thing that's interesting about the book is that the writing seems to get better and better as you go on, and the stories (esp. the longer ones) get increasingly interesting for narrative and character, so you're just reading to see what happens next. It's also really funny. And the stories are very diverse. The last (long) one is a very Saunders style story, and some that come earlier are almost like Alicia Erian stories.

Best stories: "City Limits," "A Song for Orphans," "The Gary Game," "County Line," "Sipping Soda in a Combat Zone."

You know where the title comes from, right? That enormous sign on the bridge outside Trenton, NJ, which reads "TRENTON MAKES... THE WORLD TAKES." Bitterest sign ever!

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