Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"Is Fires still in print?" someone asked me the other day. "Because I asked my Barnes & Noble to order it for me and they said they couldn't."

I realized I had no idea if my first novel is still "in print." Last I checked, many months ago, what still existed of the Impetus Press inventory was in some kind of limbo. I'm not sure, physically, where those books ended up. I think the distributor was responsible for storing them, but I really don't know for sure. It's true that brick&mortar bookstores can't order the copies anymore. But you can still order the book on Amazon, which seems to have a direct line to the distributor... or maybe they just have a supply of books in their own warehouse that were shipped to them before Impetus folded. Who the fuck knows...

On a cheerier note, I was in the Union Square Barnes & Noble the other day and noticed that Midnight Picnic was on the Paperback Favorites table--beside a Gombrowicz book! Not the great one, but what can you do. So I signed the copies.

Speaking of Midnight Picnic, here's a good interview with Jackie Corley at 3 AM--check it out.

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The ACTUAL God said...

ferdydurke is one of my favorite books. i thought this pic was a box of books from my house