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Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's a post I wrote on The Daily Beast about Helen Oyeyemi's new book, White is for Witching.

It's so early. I have pizza in the fridge and I'm going to go eat it and then write for a while before my friend comes over to have lunch on the roof. On second thought maybe I shouldn't eat the pizza now.

Last night I went to a fundraiser run by The Moth for The Bronx Defenders, where ASB works. The event was terrific, particularly the stories by Jack Hitt and Ed Gavagan. Jack Hitt's story, apparently a Moth/NPR classic, can be heard here. It's initially a story about moving to New York and having a crazy super, and then it becomes truly incredible. FWIW, some of the best parts of the story he told last night are not included in the audio file I just linked to, or are glossed over (for example, in the audio file, he only alludes briefly to the scene in which his super blows up his sink; last night he described it in more detail, doing the accents of the super and the super's terrified assistant). Very much worth listening to. And Ed Gavagan's can be heard here. It seems to be structured a bit differently than the version he told last night. All the stuff at the beginning about the bar and the carpentry wasn't in the story last night, since they have to be under ten minutes on stage. Either way, it's an absolutely amazing story about surviving being stabbed almost to death randomly as part of a gang initiation.

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