Tuesday, July 07, 2009


This is really cool--Robert Birnbaum, one of the most intimidatingly well-read writer/critics around and also one of the best author interviewers around, does a book blog for The Morning News, and he read and liked Midnight Picnic. He just put up a post about it. I'm sitting on my roof in the sun working on a new novel, and this makes me happy.


Also, Saturday at 11 AM I'll be on a panel at ReaderCon in Burlington Massachusetts.

The Killers Inside Us. Mike Allen, Nick Antosca, Elizabeth Hand (L), Barry B. Longyear, Paul Tremblay

[Greatest Hit from Readercon 11.] There is no obvious division between normality and horrific psychopathology (a thought that occurred to us long before Littleton [Columbine], by the way). How have writers exploited this fact? What’s it like to read a text that reminds you that you exist on a continuum with the monster?

In addition, I'll be participating in several workshops during the weekend. If you're going to be there, say hello.

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pb said...

congrats on the Birnbaum positive words!