Thursday, July 02, 2009


"Why is Jackson's legend and memory so big with so many? It's not just because they loved Jackson's sugar-pop music but, I suspect (and correct me if I'm wrong) because he lived in a manner that they themselves would love to savor -- a kind of whimsically perverted, high-denial, candy-cane existence in which all malignancies are ignored or suppressed in order to satisfy each and every fantasy-dream whim, without compromise or hesitation. This is why we're truly doomed -- why the country will never do what's necessary to face much less avert whatever greenhouse-gas, ice-cap-melting apocalypse is coming our way. A nation that worships a monster like Michael Jackson is a nation of undisciplined "I want!"-ers and high-lifestyle drunkards."


tinmaninc said...

I wonder why so many people are heartbroken about his passing as well. He had some popular music, but nothing to speak of in the last 15 to 20 years. In today's culture, where there is some new "shocking development" every single day regarding some over-publicized mock-celebrity, I am suprised that so many people have the attention span to give it more than a passing thought.

If only as much attention was paid to truly relevant issues regarding this country or the world as a whole. Too bad TMZ does'nt cover genocide. Then, maybe people would wake the F up.

Martin Wall said...

michael jackson is a sign of the apocalypse.

Sabra Embury said...

I like to take aside the personal lives of people who make great art and let the art stand alone. It's like judging male humans based on the fact that some like to have sex with one another. Sex is personal and deviant seeming preferences whispered about in lifestyles and living shouldn't have anything to do with an actual product packaged and distributed to the masses.

Once, I had a buddy who was into Beck's music until he realized Beck was a Scientologist. Unless, my friend liked Beck because he felt he could relate to Beck through his deep lyrics or something, I thought his judgment call was a bit drastic.

So with Michael Jackson, it's going to be so subjective, like, a lot of people's moms and sisters jammed his music and it reached people on an international level and had it's own unique brand of voice. He was pimped out and exploited as a child along with his siblings. We all have our problems. The media just had a heyday with his, I suppose.

I remember when MTV was good. Michael Jackson had very entertaining music videos.