Monday, July 06, 2009


I returned from Maine yesterday; had a terrific time. Was there with ASB and friends/family. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We had lobster. Many of the people there seemed very capable with things. I liked the guy who, when it was suggested that we make a fire, immediately ran outside. Then, seconds later, we heard the heavy, methodical thwomps of an axe hitting a tree.

For two days it rained steadily. The best thing about that Maine was the fog. I've never been soo enclosed by it. The clouds were at ground level. Then the bad weather ended and it became extremely sunny. We got in the car to go to the beach. A freak thunderstorm arrived. We got to the beach and stood in the rain. We left. The storm ended before we got home, so we turned around and went back to the beach. A woman stopped us at the entry. "Four dollars each." We turned around and went home. But then it was gorgeous and sunny again, so we had dinner at Pemaquid Point with roast chickens and various pies. A very good vacation.

During the trip, I read Tao Lin's Shoplifting from American Apparel and an unpublished novel by Ned Vizzini. I read them both in one day. I read almost for the entire day. Enjoyed both--more on those later.

Now back and writing. Today was GORGEOUS in New York. I sat on my roof for a while, then Ned came over and we worked for a bit, now I'm going swimming and writing. I need to make money in some way or another, but in the meantime, I feel fucking great. This weather... Jesus. And I'm getting a fair amount done these days, which also feels amazing.

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