Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Tonight I had homework. Every night lately I have homework. I'm working on a project with someone and we do parts of it together and then assign ourselves homework, and the threat hanging over our heads is the thought that you would show up at the next work session and have to say, "Yeah... I didn't do my homework this time." And then The Other Writer tolerantly says, "Okay, no problem, we'll just work on the stuff I did and be a little behind schedule..." and you quietly despise yourself...

So we do our homework.

Each night this week I've done homework from about 8 or 9 p.m. until around midnight or 1, then worked on a(nother unpublishable! unclassifiable! agent-repelling!) novel project until about 7:30 a.m., taking occasional breaks to watch TV, eat pizza, search for pornography, pace the room, draw black scratches in my notebook, write blog posts, drink espresso shots, or read the internet. I've gotten a decent amount done on both the homework and the novel.

But tonight I dropped by the book party (I know, what's a book party?) for Ground Up by Michael Idov, a new novel that I've heard is very funny and would like to read. FSG published it so it's gotta be at least a little good. (Isn't that true?) The party was certainly good--open vodka bar. Saw the excellent John Reed, who always seems surprised that I remember a story he once told at KGB. I meant to stay for literally twenty minutes but I kept trying the vodkas--pomegranate, dill, horseradish, cranberry (good), pepper (fucking disgusting, but inexplicably beloved by other attendees)--and stayed longer, and then had Thai food. Didn't get home til 11:30. And tonight was the hardest homework I've had for the project, probably ever. So now it's 4:30 and I'm taking my first quick break, since I finally finished. Am completely exhausted but will work for a little while on the other project, maybe listen to music to calm down, and look out my window at the soothingly deserted Financial District.


Someone pointed out that I had comment settings set so that only people with accounts could comment. I set this thing up so long ago it hadn't really occurred to me that that was the case. It really shouldn't be, right? So I reset it and now anyone can comment anonymously. Not that they will, but they could if they wanted to. Don't be an asshole.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nick,

You gave me a copy of "Midnight Picnic" at Readercon last month. I loved it! Thanks so much. I'll need to order "Fires" off Amazon in the near future. Good luck w/ both the writing projects you're working on.

Jeff P.

N A said...

Hi Jeff, thanks! I remember meeting you. Glad you enjoyed the book, and I hope you enjoy "Fires." Thanks for reading!

thelittlesleep said...

But what if I want to be an asshole in the comments? Okay, I'll be good.