brothercyst: DREAM 9/30/09

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DREAM 9/30/09

I was getting to school (I seemed to be back in high school) and the parking area, or the area where the bus was going to drop me off, was in a wooded area a little distance away from the school. In fact, one had to pass through a little town (which looked much like the High Street/Chapel Street area of New Haven) to get to school. After I left the parking area, I realized I’d left both my phone and my shoes behind there. But I’d already walked far away, and it was past 8 a.m. (when classes started) so I was too far away to turn back and get my stuff without getting to school something like 40 minutes late. I decided not to turn back. As I walked through the New Haven-ish area, I passed a parked car that seemed to be a police car. In the driver’s seat there was a black man who was in a uniform. A knife was sticking out of his chest and he was soaked in blood. He was dead. I was scared/thrilled to see a dead body. A woman seemed to be lying next to him; she seemed to be also dead, but she was vaguer. Beside the car, on the sidewalk, there was a small, thin world atlas. Paperback. I picked it up and looked at it as I walked. I noticed that two inlets in North America (one in Mexico and one in Canada) had little arrows hand-drawn into them as if showing the route of something entering the inlet/bay. The routes were labeled “Vampire Bay” or “Vampire Route” or something like that. I decided to show the atlas to someone in the school office, then get them to write me a note excusing my lateness to class because I’d stopped by the office. When I got there, though, I decided to turn back and go all the way back to the parking area first to get my shoes and phone, because now I had an excuse for being late. I went through a different path, though—I seemed to be moving toward a coast, going along the coast, which was a little rocky, like the coast of Maine. I went through a sort of deserted basketball court that was dark and covered in vines and enclosed by chain linking, including over the top. I looked up and saw naked people in their late teens having sex on the top of the chain linking that covered the top. This was related in some way to a nude photo of a model that I saw pasted to the wall in the bathroom of Ivo & Lulu the night before. The naked high schoolers were very fair-skinned, smooth, downy, like they were not totally human but part-deer or excessively airbrushed.

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