Monday, September 28, 2009


FOOD PORN POST: I'm awake, can't sleep, and am having trouble writing. I'm thinking about food. What were my favorite meals of all time? Not just dishes ("I like the x and y at restaurant z") but meals, the specific instances? Some of these are bittersweet...

1) Mango in the Dominican Republic, Aug 09: Further details here. Nothing but fresh mango, sliced and cold, in a styrofoam box. It's like the fruit equivalent of ice cream or cold foie gras. Unreal. Eating this in the DR this past August with Ariel after Pino got it for us was maybe my favorite food experience of all time.

2) Ivo & Lulu, Summer 2008: Ivo & Lulu is one of my favorite restaurants in New York--cheap and amazing. My favorite thing to get there is the roasted red pear with melted bleu cheese and the rabbit sausage in miso sauce. One particular time last summer I went there with my friend Laura and we ordered the above, plus a bunch of other stuff, terrine de venison and gratin dauphinois. Plus, Ivo & Lulu is BYOW, so we had a bottle of red wine which made everything taste twice as good. For some reason, the food was even more excellent than usual, and I remember this as one of the best culinary experiences ever.

3) Chilled Uni at Kurumazushi, 2006(?): Went to this place not realizing it was horrifyingly expensive. And we kept ordering sashimi at the bar, piece by piece. The uni was so good that it literally made me a little dizzy to eat it. (I wrote about it at the time.) How can anything taste that good? It made me woozy.

4) Fried Fish from shack in the DR, Aug 09: On one of our last days in the DR, we ordered plates of delicious, crisp, tangy fried fish from the "green shack" on the beach. They came with plates of pork-fried rice and beans, fried potatoes, and gigantic beers. I've never gorged with such insane food-lust, ever. Ariel was aghast.

5) Bacon, avo, brie, apple sandwich, New Haven, '03-'05: I invented my own sandwich from Gourmet Heaven, a deli in New Haven. Toast a sub roll. Then put butter on it. Then thick slices of avocado. Then crisp bacon. Then brie cheese, which should have been laid over the bacon while it was cooking, so it's melted. Then crisp slices of green apple. It is unbelievably delicious. In the summer when I worked at the call-the-alums program, we were sometimes rewarded with "incentives" of $5-$10 of petty cash if we'd gotten the most donations or something. When I got the cash incentive, I would go buy my favorite sandwich on my way home. Those were the best nights.

6) Giant Lobster, 2007: I stayed for a couple days at a friend's house with lots of former classmates, and we got a 20-pound lobster as big as a golden retriever. It was vaguely horrifying--we couldn't kill it by dropping it in a pot, so someone eventually stabbed it through the brain with huge knife, and then we put it on the giant barbecue grill--until I tasted it. It was the most succulent and delicious lobster I've ever tasted.

This list may be updated if I remember others.


jason said...

what about that pork belly blt you mentioned a while back?. . .

Little Miss Nomad said...

Gourmet Heaven. Boy, I miss that place.

N A said...

Good call, Jason. That's an honorable mention. Another honorable mention is the crispy pork and watermelon salad at Fatty Crab, which is otherwise a sort of annoying restaurant.

And Kati, Gourmet Heaven is one of the things I remember most fondly about school. Muhammed once asked me to write a love letter to his girlfriend since his English wasn't that good. (He then copied it in his handwriting.)