brothercyst: THOMAS LIGOTTI

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I keep hearing about this guy, but peripherally. His books look and sound pretty fascinating. Strange/surreal horror. No one I know personally, however, has read him. Is he good? Should I be buying this stuff ASAP?


davidpeak said...

He is my favorite writer. Start with Noctuary or Grimscribe.

Yes. Get started ASAP.

N A said...

Those are too expensive! (they seem to be out of print) So I just bought Teatro Grottesco. Good?

Leo said...

Thomas Ligotti is the best is the best is the best.
Agreed - Noctuary, My Work is Not yet done, & Teatro Grottesco asap.

Will be checking back here in case you leave a remark.

N A said...

I am going to look for his stuff at the Strand (the out-of-print stuff). If I like Teatro, I'll get more. Thanks!