brothercyst: THIS IS NICE

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I never learned how to take compliments as a child, but I will say that I'm flattered/surprised/pleased to just now see Midnight Picnic on a couple best of year lists by Tobias Carroll and Matt DeBenedictis.  Thank you for reading...

Today is so cold.  I went swimming in the afternoon.  The Y on 14th St. costs $90 a month, which seems exorbitant.  I might consider quitting and joining another place that has a pool and charges only ~$700 a year, which as a lump sum is obviously brutal, but amortized it's a much better deal.  The only issue is that the pool is outdoors.  It's apparently heated, so I could swim on days when it's literally freezing outside like today... but would that be actually physically dangerous for me to do?

I saw Avatar last night.  So blue!  Very immersive.  I'm going to see it again, with IMAX etc.


David Erlewine said...

f, i'm a cheap sob. that amount of dough for swimming is fucked up - either the 90 or 700.

been enjoying quite a bit your htmlg posts.

that's great about making the best of lists. midnight picnic shall be ordered soon.

N A said...

It really is fucked up. At this point though I feel like swimming is one of the crucial expenses in my life. I just really need to do it to feel sane. I avoid spending money on food... I'm making my savings last.