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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Somebody posted this in a comment thread at HTMLGiant.  I like what I see.

Preparing for vacation. I have to pack. A fuck-up has happened regarding luggage (someone has taken or stolen it!!) and I have to buy new luggage for ~$150 right now. Filled with irritation.

Just went swimming. Feel okay. Reading On Writing.  The memoir part, which I just finished, is excellent.

Today at the pool a woman lost a blue key and I had seen it through the wobbly water while I was swimming, so then I was looking around for it, swimming under/around lap-swimmers across lanes, searching the bottom of the pool.  It was like some sort of dream.

Experiencing some restlessness/anxiety.  So annoyed about the luggage.  The errands I have to run in the next few days are nearly uncountable.  Fortunately, it's nice out.

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