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Thursday, January 07, 2010


It's balmy.  Pure relaxation today.  Sleepy weather.  Four more days here.

Happy to see Fires mentioned on here (thanks google alert).

Don't date writers if you are a writer.

About halfway through Under the Dome.  Vintage Stephen King--love it so far.


Brandi Wells said...

i actually bought under the dome. haven't started it but it's sitting on my bookshelf. glad somebody likes it. gonna read it a few books from now.

the-wondering-1 said...

My last boyfriend was a writer like me. After dating him...I think you're right.

N A said...

male writers are probably worse to date than female writers.

brandi, if you are a fan of old school king (the stand, the tommyknockers, needful things, etc) you'll like Under the Dome. (i'm about 200 pages from finishing)