brothercyst: WHY IS IT DARK OUT??

Monday, January 11, 2010


It's really dark out.  In the DR it didn't get dark until about 6:30 at night, and the sun came up at 6:30 am.  I miss it already; it was wonderful.  My face is peeling a little.  My body aches and feels battered and drained.


The dark made me think of this. Once when I stayed in New Haven over the summer I had a job working at the phone bank.  My job was to call alumni numbers from a never-ending list generated by a computer and ask them to pledge money to the alumni fund. We worked at night because that's when people are home (during & after dinner) and most likely to answer their phones.  I was living by myself in a three story house that was falling apart.  In theory I had rented a single bedroom on the third floor, but the other two roommates were away for the summer and neither of the floors below me were rented out... so it was very weird and a little disconcerting. And the street was mostly deserted too, because this was summer and all the students were away, and most of the houses on the street were rented out to students.

So one day I was calling at the phone bank and somebody answered one of the phones.  I heard a fuzzy noise and a mumbly voice. I said, "Hello?"  A little kid, a boy I think, said, "Mom?  Mom??"  I asked him to put his mom on the phone, but he just kept saying in a higher and higher voice, "Mom??"  I was kind of amused and I told him not to worry, his mom would be there soon, and was there anyone in the house I could talk to?  But then he started crying and said, "Mom where are you? Mom, it's getting dark. I don't want it to get dark. Mom, it's getting dark!" -- which creeped me out a bit.  And then he hung up.


Brad Listi said...

Have to chime in here. Enjoy the blog, first off. Second: I, too, worked at a phone bank for a couple of semesters when I was in college. Same stuff. Begging alumni for money.

Worst thing that would happen? Calling the homes of the recently deceased? It happened a few times. Calling up to beg for money and the person who answers the phone is in mourning. Brutal.

Brad Listi said...

Woops. Scratch that question mark after "deceased." Should be a period.

N A said...

It's a weird job. Some people are nice, some people are pissed, and some people are caught in very odd moments.

Brad Listi said...

What made it doubly weird was that I used to go in there and solicit while incredibly stoned. Most of the students who worked there were stoned. (This was Boulder.) It's bad enough hassling someone for money when you're sober. Lordy.

Anonymous said...

That's a creepy little story. Thanks for sharing it.

Jeff P.