brothercyst: FUCK

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Not a pleasant morning.


Anonymous said...

man that sucks. you may want to try Back Blaze ( - it backs your computer up constantly, without you having to do anything or think about it, anytime you're connected to the internet.

Jon Cann said...

Oof, I'm so sorry to hear that. That's about the worst thing that can happen to a modern writer (I guess the classical equivalent was your cabin catching on fire).

I carry around a group of thumbdrives that I'm constantly updating, and I print a lot, too, just to be safe. There's a huge chunk of my work missing from mid-late high school as the result of a hard drive crash, and I've never forgotten the incident. It's particularly vexing because I *know* that was the period when I was first starting to really explore my ideas...I *think* I've made most of it irrelevant with subsequent drafts now, but I'm not even sure I remember everything I lost....

Anonymous said...

Off the subject but theres an article in tonights NY Times online about a 5 night Bong Joon-ho film series
in Brooklyn. Looks like your kind of thing. Oh thats right you're in
LA. Well I'm in Santa Barbara in a house overlooking the ocean so I can't go to it either.