brothercyst: I CAME HERE TO WORK

Friday, February 12, 2010


Enjoying LA so far.  bought a '97 Honda Civic, kind of a piece of shit, runs okay, was cheap.  I try to avoid driving and stay far from the highways.  The roads out here suck.  Mulholland got eaten by a sinkhole yesterday.

Wrote about smoking on HTMLGiant.

Spent the day with Ken Baumann, who is the no-shit star of a TV Show, is 20 years old, and just started his own press and published his first book.  I got it and it looks great.

We also spent over an hour wandering three 5-story identical parking complexes looking for his car.

Then we went to the beach.

Saw a band called The Binges at the Viper Room.  They were good.  Then I got nervous because I'd been away from home too much.  I came here to work.  And that's what I have to focus on.  We've been superproductive so far in at least one regard, so that's good.

Yesterday I also read an unpublished fresh short story by a friend plus a forthcoming novel by another friend and they were both really good.  I'm excited.  Some people are good writers!  The publishing industry may be in trouble but good new stuff is coming into existence.

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