brothercyst: MARTYRS

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just watched the French horror movie Martyrs. By chance I happened to watch it cold, with no idea what it was about or what it contained.  It is fucking insane.  Unpredictable, beyond grisly, beautifully shot, and built around an utterly crackpot philosophical premise.  I hesitate to say anything about the plot, except that only those who are fans of Haute Tension, Oldboy, and maybe Irreversible should be able to stomach watching it.  It is absolutely not as good as the latter two of those movies, but it is a fairly fucking unforgettable experience to watch it.


C Morris said...

I believe I was the one who recommended that film to you. Glad you like it. Wait -- did you like it?

N A said...

Whoa, really? I watched it by chance--my roommate had it from Netflix.

I wouldn't say I liked it. I would say I was deeply affected by it. About thirty minutes in, I was like, "This movie is fucking amazing!" By the end I was like, "I...don't know...what I just saw. But I feel ill."

C Morris said...

Yes -- I suggested it in a comment left on one of your previous posts. (The one about your fave movies of the decade, I think.)

Your response was much like mine. Even now, months later, I can't decide if I liked the film or not. Anything that capable of pushing my buttons must be well done, but ... can I really say I liked it? I dunno.