brothercyst: March 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010


I found a new place to move into.  My current sublet situation is fucking absurd.  I moved into this amazing house for very little money, and I alluded earlier to the reasons why I have to move out, but what I left out was a complicating factor (which I was unaware of at the time): the owners never knew I was here.  Their son was apparently pocketing my rent and not telling his mother that anyone was in the place.  Win-win, right?  I get a super cheap house in the Hollywood Hills, this random guy makes some extra cash.  Except the mother (again, this is all "apparently", for reasons that I won't go into at the moment--it's all even more complicated than this) freaked out when she stopped by one day and saw my stuff in the house, fearing that the deck would collapse (it's pretty unstable... collapse is a legit possibility) and expose her to huge liability... so she wanted me out.  But I'm certainly staying for all the time I paid for.

So I've been looking at places for about two weeks.  I saw at least twenty, maybe more.  I'm the worst: A cheapskate who likes nice things.  I went to one entertaining house where I would've had some roommates.  The only things in the house were a pool table and hundreds of recent Playboy magazines.  The guy who showed me around said, "Hey bro, we need someone fast because our last roommate was a fucking asshole...fucked us in the ass...split out one day and took my now we're goin' after him...yeah, we're gonna get him."  There were some other okay places, nothing great.  Then yesterday I looked at an amazing two-floor beautiful condo-type thing (Place #1) that was remarkably cheap and the roommate seemed awesome.  It had huge high ceilings and a restaurant diner-style booth in the spacious kitchen.  I told him I really wanted it and he said he had to see some other people first and would call me the next day.  As I left, another potential subletter was coming in and I thought, Fuck, I'm not gonna get it.  So I sent an email saying how much I really wanted it.  Then I was supposed to go see another place, (Place #2), and I almost canceled because I wanted Place #1 so badly.  But I went anyway, and it was a beautiful place, the same price, much smaller but fully furnished (and the building has a courtyard) and I wouldn't have roommates.  And the guy said I could have it on the spot.  So I took Place #2, sent an apologetic and embarrassed email to the awesome roommate from Place #1, and that's my new spot (in West Hollywood) starting after I get back to LA (I'm going to NY for a bit soon).


Next month in New York. I plan to be there. Come!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I scheduled a post on this at HTMLGIANT, but I'm posting it here too, because I really liked watching it and listening to that voice...kind of wonderful:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ah ha ha ha... watch Bush shake hands with a Haitian and then immediately wipe off his hand on Bill Clinton's shirt.


It's kind of a hazy day. I left my watch somewhere...I need to get it back. A few days of mild relaxation. Calm this afternoon, nothing to do, really.


I had no idea the puppies were so cute. They're like sleek little cuddly aliens. Or seals that can trot.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some off the cuff ranting about health insurance on HTMLGIANT.

I've been hard at work.  Weird mix of creative and career stuff lately.  Met a lot of people.  Working on a screenplay.  This is the first time in a long time I've felt so busy that I hardly have time to write here.  I want to--I just fall asleep pretty soon after I come home.  Something about the sun is pleasantly tiring. Also, like they say in Repo Man (the Alex Cox movie, not this new Jude Law thing), the more you drive, the stupider you are.  I gotta get some books on tape.

Read many scripts for TV pilots that were "ordered to pilot" this season.  That means network executives bought the pilots and they'll be shot, and then a decision will be made about whether they're "ordered to series" which means they'd actually get on the air.

I read The Walking Dead, a zombie show written by Frank Darabont for AMC (it was excellent), The Killing, also for AMC (also really strong), Midland, a script by Kyle Killen for Fox (really great, an excellent script), Game of Thrones for HBO, which has been ordered to series and will definitely be on the air (impressive, but I was kind of bored--not my thing), and a number of other pilot scripts that in some cases really sucked (how did these get sold??).

Eating a lot of avocado sandwiches.  Also egg/tomato/garlic sandwiches.  Swimming.  Looking for new sublet.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Exhausting weekend. 

Here's the best Craigslist ad I've seen while looking for a new sublet:

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I just read two short books.

God Jr. by Dennis Cooper ... I kind of loved this.  It was strange and exciting, and also poignant.  It creates interstices in itself that gather meaning.  By which I mean that which is missing from the narrative becomes weighted with emotion.  Surprisingly wonderful book.  I like the parts where the bear learns about the religion in the video game. 

Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis ... It has a great last line and an interestingly complex premise, but a lot of disappointing elements, too.  It's too bad.  I continue to love American Psycho.

I also saw Hot Tub Time Machine. 

And about thirty minutes ago on the street in Los Feliz, I had the only celebrity sighting that's thrilled me since coming to L.A.: Tony Todd, the Candyman.  I stopped and said hello.  This seemed excusable since he was in my roommate's short film.  At least in the roughly ninety seconds I spoke to him, he seemed like a fucking awesome guy.


Sometimes I feel guilty eating a hamburger and sometimes I don't.  It depends on the hamburger.  I don't eat them very much.  A few weeks ago I had one that was fairly terrible... this was at a place near the Farmer's Market... it was mediocre and terrible. And when I was done, I thought: Some poor animal got ground into tasteless gray chuck in order for me to meat that bland and mealy burger that just made me feel disgusting.  Its death was probably painful and brutal, if relatively quick, but its life must have been a nightmare of drudgery and pain... tedium... confinement... casual cruelty.  Animals suffer... they have no fewer nerves than humans doNatalie Portman hates meat-eating.  Today I had a delicious bacon avocado cheeseburger... really excellent as these things go.  I thought: Man, I wish I lived near this place so I could have these more often.  Then I felt guilty, thinking about the poor cow.  But the guilt felt distant, like I was seeing it in a museum.  Then I felt guilty because the guilt felt distant.  But I also thought: People have been eating animals, and animals have been eating animals, since there were people and animals.  There is nothing inherently wrong about it.  The industrial food complex is an ugly, ugly thing.  But there is nothing inherently wrong with eating animals.  I feel that I should, morally and rationally, become a vegetarian. But I do like to eat. I love it... I love it so much.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's weird being on the west coast and dealing with emails from the east.  Whenever I want to get up early out here, I just set my phone on "loud" and let the incessant emails arriving between 6 am and 10 am PST wake me up.  I'll roll over sleepily with each new chirp, check my phone, and then at some point snap awake when there's an email from somebody whose response I've been awaiting (agent, editor, friend, person who's reading something).  This usually happens by 7 or 8 am.  And then I'm completely awake.  Works better than any alarm with a snooze button ever does, because once my mind is engaged in consideration of the email's contents, I'm fully awake.

Still haven't had a chance to finish Imperial Bedrooms, although I'm enjoying it so far.  Saw Dennis Cooper read last night at Book Soup, a really excellent and centrally located LA bookstore.  That was very cool.

Still figuring out my sublet madness.  Soon to relocate, I think...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Swam a lot.  Not the same as skydiving.  Pleasant, though.  Went to a concert at a place called Spaceland and saw a band which, another audience member told me, is fronted by Jodorowsky's son.  They were really, really good.  Or maybe it wasn't a band but he was the main person and he was playing with session musicians... I don't know.  He was excellent, though.  It was free.

Unpleasant day today.  Every time I open my email, it's some new headache or bit of bad news.

At least the sky is blue & huge.

UPDATE: Literally seconds after I posted that, I found out I have to leave my sublet at the end of the month. The whole deck is rotting/collapsing and the landlord is freaking about the liability.  Another fucking headache.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I've had happier days than today. Did something I didn't want to made/makes sense but I feel like there's a broken arm in my torso. Depressed. Can't go to sleep.

The universe sent a message tonight. The message was: Jump out of an airplane.

Going skydiving Sunday.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Uh, seriously?  Not a single use of the phrase "autoerotic asphyxiation"?  Not even a hint that there are any sexual implications to this game? 

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Very mixed feelings on Houellebecq, but here's a fascinating article.