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Friday, March 26, 2010


I found a new place to move into.  My current sublet situation is fucking absurd.  I moved into this amazing house for very little money, and I alluded earlier to the reasons why I have to move out, but what I left out was a complicating factor (which I was unaware of at the time): the owners never knew I was here.  Their son was apparently pocketing my rent and not telling his mother that anyone was in the place.  Win-win, right?  I get a super cheap house in the Hollywood Hills, this random guy makes some extra cash.  Except the mother (again, this is all "apparently", for reasons that I won't go into at the moment--it's all even more complicated than this) freaked out when she stopped by one day and saw my stuff in the house, fearing that the deck would collapse (it's pretty unstable... collapse is a legit possibility) and expose her to huge liability... so she wanted me out.  But I'm certainly staying for all the time I paid for.

So I've been looking at places for about two weeks.  I saw at least twenty, maybe more.  I'm the worst: A cheapskate who likes nice things.  I went to one entertaining house where I would've had some roommates.  The only things in the house were a pool table and hundreds of recent Playboy magazines.  The guy who showed me around said, "Hey bro, we need someone fast because our last roommate was a fucking asshole...fucked us in the ass...split out one day and took my now we're goin' after him...yeah, we're gonna get him."  There were some other okay places, nothing great.  Then yesterday I looked at an amazing two-floor beautiful condo-type thing (Place #1) that was remarkably cheap and the roommate seemed awesome.  It had huge high ceilings and a restaurant diner-style booth in the spacious kitchen.  I told him I really wanted it and he said he had to see some other people first and would call me the next day.  As I left, another potential subletter was coming in and I thought, Fuck, I'm not gonna get it.  So I sent an email saying how much I really wanted it.  Then I was supposed to go see another place, (Place #2), and I almost canceled because I wanted Place #1 so badly.  But I went anyway, and it was a beautiful place, the same price, much smaller but fully furnished (and the building has a courtyard) and I wouldn't have roommates.  And the guy said I could have it on the spot.  So I took Place #2, sent an apologetic and embarrassed email to the awesome roommate from Place #1, and that's my new spot (in West Hollywood) starting after I get back to LA (I'm going to NY for a bit soon).

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