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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some off the cuff ranting about health insurance on HTMLGIANT.

I've been hard at work.  Weird mix of creative and career stuff lately.  Met a lot of people.  Working on a screenplay.  This is the first time in a long time I've felt so busy that I hardly have time to write here.  I want to--I just fall asleep pretty soon after I come home.  Something about the sun is pleasantly tiring. Also, like they say in Repo Man (the Alex Cox movie, not this new Jude Law thing), the more you drive, the stupider you are.  I gotta get some books on tape.

Read many scripts for TV pilots that were "ordered to pilot" this season.  That means network executives bought the pilots and they'll be shot, and then a decision will be made about whether they're "ordered to series" which means they'd actually get on the air.

I read The Walking Dead, a zombie show written by Frank Darabont for AMC (it was excellent), The Killing, also for AMC (also really strong), Midland, a script by Kyle Killen for Fox (really great, an excellent script), Game of Thrones for HBO, which has been ordered to series and will definitely be on the air (impressive, but I was kind of bored--not my thing), and a number of other pilot scripts that in some cases really sucked (how did these get sold??).

Eating a lot of avocado sandwiches.  Also egg/tomato/garlic sandwiches.  Swimming.  Looking for new sublet.


brittany wallace said...

"the more you drive, the stupider you are"

i don't know, my father was a truck driver for most of his life and i think he is pretty smart.

N A said...

He probably listened to books on tape. Or least decent radio.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who writes for "The Simpsons" and he's sent me various scripts he's seen for other shows or movies in production, and they're absolutely horrible. Not even sure they're written by folks who speak English. And yet they're being produced. Hollywood loves it some crap.

Just FYI, Darabont's script for "The Walking Dead" is based on the comics series of that name by writer Robert Kirkman and various artists. It's wonderful stuff, and I think the graphic novel collections are priced under $10. You should check 'em out.

Jeff P.