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Saturday, April 03, 2010


Perhaps I'm going to be one of those old tan guys with lizard skin, always sitting around shirtless, incurably brown, Italian-looking if not truly Italian.  I was just looking at my hands and realizing how different they look than they did two months ago.  They're the color of walnuts.  I spent early afternoon at the pool yesterday, writing poolside.  I continue to be a genius at living well for no money.  UCLA pool and Roosevelt Hotel pool play a part in this.  On Thursday I drove to Laguna Beach to have lunch with a writer who told me about his upcoming nonfiction book, which should have already come out but was held up in litigation.  I begged to read the uncensored version of the manuscript but he had promised his lawyers that it would never be shown to anyone else.  I also met his son, Matamatics, who was a lot of fun to hang out with.  On Thursday night I went to a taping of Two and Half Men, a show which I have never seen before.  My friend works on it.  One of the staff writers was standing behind us watching the monitor as a scene was shot.  We all watched as a series of cringe-inducing fart gags were performed.  The staff writer nudged my friend and said, "Four years of Yale for this, huh?"  Last night my friend Carole drove me to Malibu.  It was pretty but everything looked expensive.  I got home and tried to write a little.  This week has primarily been an effort to distract myself from a New York-based situation which is upsetting me.  I'm glad I'm not there, and I'm not looking forward to going back next week.

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