Thursday, April 29, 2010


Spent most of the weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books.  Saw a great panel called "Writing the Fantastic" with Victor LaValle, Lev Grossman, and Aimee Bender.  Also saw Bret Easton Ellis talk... man, that guy has a lot of tension and did not look happy to be onstage.  He generated a lot of uncomfortable laughter by being fairly testy with his interviewer, who was really kind of a bad interviewer.  Don't ask yes or no questions!  Jesus.  He did ask Ellis about his infamous death-of-J.D. Salinger tweet, and Ellis responded by putting on his sunglasses, folding his arms, and giving gnomic responses. Met Eric Shonkwiler, who I've known via email for some time -- good times. Saw a panel about sex writing, a panel about "writing the other" which for some reason I'd thought was going to be about slipstream but which turned out to be some tedium about the immigrant experience, and Nick McDonell interviewed by Joshuah Bearman, who was not actually Joshuah Bearman because Joshuah Bearman was late, so Nick's editor Jordan got onstage and was introduced as Bearman. Speaking of which, the new McSweeney's came out and they had a launch party Monday night at which Teddy Wayne and Nick McDonell read.  It was fun.  I hadn't been to a McSweeney's event before.  I actually had a great time that night.

I've been watching and rewatching lots of horror movies in the last few days.  All four Phantasm movies (although I've seen the first one many times, starting probably when I was nine or ten years old), Suspiria, and others.

Today was beautiful outside.  I went swimming and did some writing.  I am extremely concerned about the fact that my temporary plates expire tomorrow and the DMV has not given me the new ones I need.  So maybe the police will try and take my car again. 

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