brothercyst: SEX STORY

Monday, April 19, 2010


New sex story on Spork Press: "White Apple."

A while back when they still published fiction, Nerve solicited a story from me.  I wrote "White Apple"--a story I remain proud of and have always intended to have published--in two afternoons and Nerve rejected it.  Not sexy enough.  So then I just wrote a straight up pornographic story, nowhere near as good, and they published it.  Paid for a flight to France.  Good times.

There was a third one, too.  Currently forthcoming elsewhere.


pb said...

Good story. I liked your Nerve one,too, although it was very different in structure and detail. I'm sort of surprised they didn't publish this one, too.

N A said...

Thank you! Yeah, this one just didn't have enough explicitness, I think.

Anonymous said...

Your story filled me with man-hate. Time to punch my boyfriend in the face.