Sunday, May 02, 2010


So this weekend it became illegal for me to drive my car, the one I bought three months ago when I thought I was only staying here for three months, the 1997 green Honda Civic that ran extremely reliably.  (Admittedly it had some weird things about it, like parts were sort of torn up and the paint on the hood was kind of scorched away or something.)  I liked the car, but it had no plates, which caused the cops to hassle me about it, and the DMV didn't give me plates and registration by the time the temporary operating permit expired... thus, illegal to drive my car.  The dealership told me to come in and leave the car there while the DMV stuff was sorted out, and they'd give me a loaner in the meantime.  But when I got to the dealership I was extremely stressed out and in a fit of frustration told them fuck this shit, take the car back and I'll buy another one--with California plates already on it.  I paid $3000 for the Civic in February and got $3000 for it yesterday, after some argument, so what I lost were the fees and taxes, about $600, and the fucking towing fees w/ the impound, about $400.  So basically it's like I rented a car for three months for $1000, which I guess isn't so bad.  I bought a 1997 BMW 528i which was surprisingly not much more expensive.  The only cars I've ever driven are Hondas, and the BMW feels like a different kind of machine.  I liked driving the Honda more, honestly.  And parking it was easier than parking the BMW will be.  But maybe the fact that gas costs more will encourage me to drive less.  Last night I saw Kick-Ass again and was so tired I fell asleep briefly a few times.  Then I'd wake up and think, Where am I?  Oh no, I have no money... oh, it's this scene, I love this movie.  Now looking for a job. Ugh.

That said, it's been a good, if weird, week.


Mark said...

a BMW crawled out your ass

Mark said...

when i lived in LA i had to do a lot of public buses and found out they weren't that bad