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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Snapped outside the Arclight Hollywood yesterday, where Survival of the Dead was being screened:

That's after I saw Iron Man 2.  Man, does that movie make you hate Tony Stark.  What an asshole.  This spray-tan wearing, Van Dyke beard-having smugshit right-wing radical, prancing and mincing in front of Senate subcommittees and casting soulful eyes at the lizard-like Gwyneth Paltrow, bragging about "successfully privatizing world peace"... Seriously, vomit.  I just wanted him killed.  However, the movie does have two excellent elements: Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell.  I wanted to see those guys the whole movie.  They were great.  Rourke didn't have enough screen time.  He was a beast.  Anyway, the best part of Iron Man 2 was the trailer for Inception.

Also finished reading Feed by M.T. AndersonTurns out this is kind of a masterpiece, a genuine canon-worthy chunk of funny and amazing satire.  It's a "YA" novel, except it's not.  It reminded me of  A Clockwork Orange and American Pyscho without the ultraviolence and rape.  There's no "adventure" plot or traditional structure... the narrator is a lot more like Alex from ACO or one of The Informers.  There are scenes of really beautiful writing and imagery, too.  Like when they're in a hospital on the moon and they go to look at an "air-loss garden" where the plants are being dragged toward the sky by the leaking atmosphere, and they look like "squids in the love with the sky" or something like that.  And in another scene they go to a "filet mignon farm" where there are miles and miles of meat being pumped with blood and harvested, and there is a "steak maze" for the tourists, and sometimes the genetic coding has gone wrong and a horn or an eye is sticking out of the meat.  There are so many amazing things about this book, and I can't recommend it highly enough to pretty much anyone.  Forget that it's marketed to adolescents.  It's an ingenious, awesome book.

Got The Pregnant Widow today. Soon to read.


ned-vizzini said...

Now, how will we transcribe Mickey Rourke's accent in IRON MAN 2?

"You coom from a femily ov teeves and boochers..."

N A said...

I think you've got it. Just add the weird non-obvious pauses:

"You cumfrumuh... femily ov... teeves. An bootchers."