Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What did I do this weekend?  What's the answer to that... it's pretty much always wrote and read and swam, I guess... yeah.  Sleep schedule fucked up again... I just woke up.  Hm.
  • Watched MoonQuite good, as everyone says.  The Rockwell effects, awesome.  Good script.  Surprisingly "happy" ending.
  • Finished Big Machine.  Pretty excellent.  Weird fusion of Victor LaValle style with... monsters.
  • Reading Feed.  Yeah, late on this one.  It's fucking awesome!  I've only read half so far.  It's Clockwork Orange without ultraviolence, but with much more ingenuity and humor.
  • Writing some stuff, both jointly and solo.
  • Swimming Saturday and today.  Feels good.  Feel weird if I don't.
  • Mother's Day brunch.  Forgot it was Mother's Day*.  Surrounded by mothers.
  • Barbecue Saturday night with some friends at Ned's Los Feliz place.  Good food, drank a lot.
  • Going to see Pulp Fiction Friday night at the New Beverly.
  • Reading about Bohemian Grove.  Can't believe this thing exists!  Listened to tape of Richard Nixon calling it "the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine."
*I mean in relation to having brunch.  I called my mom before brunch.  But it didn't occur to me, oh it's mother's day, brunch today will be a clusterfuck.

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