brothercyst: DILIGENT WORKER

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been up for about 30 hours, working.  Since Sunday morning, I've been poring over two novel manuscripts (one is more finished than the other) and maniacally editing and revising them.  I'm not sure what's going to happen with them.  I haven't posted much about them on here, because in 2007 or so, I wrote a lot about a manuscript I was working on, and I ended up throwing it away.  So I told myself I wouldn't chronicle the process of writing the subsequent project(s).  Now I have these two manuscripts bedeviling me.  They are:

Wanderfurther: A YA novel.  This is my favorite novel that I've written.  It's close to finished.  I think of it as William Sleator meets James Ellroy with some David Lynch.  It has giant rabbits, a serial killer, psychotropic moss, sibling rivalry, body jumping, a romance, and John Lennon.

The Mandevores: This is an early first draft.  A horror novel with brainwashing, cults, a dead grandmother who isn't dead, people wearing animal masks, a love triangle, graphic sex, identity switching, Canadians, bikers, and a messed up family.

It's really gloomy outside.  I'm going to take a walk--I need to get out, even if the sun is uncharacteristically absent.  Walk to Trader Joe's, buy some raspberries and oranges to eat.


Jon Cann said...

I am excited for both of these. The concept of blogging about a project in progress is actually one of the things I wanted to ask you about if you ever return to NYC. It's interesting to see a little bit of your insight on here.

Also, I'm very jealous that you have so much writing time. I'm stuck on something more like your Midnight Picnic schedule at the moment.

N A said...

Well, maybe one day they'll be published. My advice: don't blog about the details of what you're writing while you're writing. It's just... tempting fate, or something.