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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Can I talk for a moment about the most recent episode of Breaking Bad?  I just watched it last night.  So fucking good!  I have a sense for some reason that the majority of those who read this site (it averages about 100 readers a day, although I have absolutely no idea who most of them are) aren't regular Breaking Bad viewers, for some reason... but maybe a few are.  Last night's was absolutely killer.  (I really thought, after the private detective's monologue, that they were going to kill Jesse.)  So was the episode about the fly a few weeks ago--one of the best hours of TV I can remember seeing.  And so was "I.F.T." from early in the season.  And the scene when the Mexican hitmen come after Hank.  The show is really good at creating a slow build... long chunks of subtle drama, filled with portentous monologues and tiny, eccentric character moments--and then suddenly exploding into catastrophic and devastatingly cathartic moments of violence.


tinmaninc said...

I would like to watch "Breaking Bad", but because of my job I am out of the country every other month, so it is hard to keep up with a series. I have thought about buying the past seasons on DVD, but I am afraid that the temptation to watch current episodes when I am home would prove too much.

Little Miss Nomad said...

still think Mad Men is better?

N A said...

You're out of the country every other month for your job? Sounds like an interesting job.

I do think Mad Men is better, yes. It's close, though.

tinmaninc said...

Well,it's not to anywhere too great...Saudi Arabia. But, I only work every other month and I have a free ticket to travel on my days off. So,yeah...I enjoy it.