brothercyst: ABOUT TO SLEEP

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I had lunch last month with a guy a couple years older than I am who's been in Los Angeles since 2003, working as a writer, and has sold a bunch of screenplays.  He told me that any day when something cool happens in your career, like your agent calls with good news or you get something optioned or sold, but you have trouble writing or can't produce anything--that can't be considered a good day.  And any day when something bad happens in your career--somebody passes on a script, or your ignores you, or whatever--but you get some writing done and feel excited about it... that's very much a good day.  So today was an awesome day.  Two good things happened: First, I went swimming.  Which felt great.  And then I worked with my writing partner on a screenplay for several hours, and I'm excited about it.  So now I just have to fall asleep.  Inopportune insomnia!

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