brothercyst: BACK IN NEW YORK

Monday, July 12, 2010


Had a lovely weekend at Readercon.  Very tired.  I caught a ride back home with some entertaining folks I met there, slept half the time, listened to an impassioned argument about feminism and value judgments the rest of the time.  Saw a very beloved old friend in the city after I got home.  Then bought a slice of Artichoke pizza, the best pizza in the world.

At Readercon, Midnight Picnic won a Shirley Jackson award for best novella.  Victor Lavalle's Big Machine, which I read a few months ago, won best novel.  I was really shocked that I got an award; it was nice.  (Thanks, Jackie Corley!)

Tomorrow will be a stressful day.  Lots of logistical stuff.  I wish I could afford to be truly bicoastal.  I'd say that's a "goal," but the idea of making that much money from writing is laughably unrealistic, so let's call it a "dream."


Eric said...

Congrats, Nick.

Michael said...

Congratulations! You deserve it! Midnight Picnic is your best work yet. I really wish that book was made into a creepy Studio Ghibli-style hand-drawn animated film. For some reason when I read the book I couldn't help but see it in my head as an animation, it was so surreal that I didn't imagine real people while reading it.

I don't know why I decided to share that, it just came to my head. Anyway, maybe this award can help get more of your work published? I am certainly rooting for you Nick, Good luck dude and Congrats!