Monday, July 26, 2010


I blurbed a book called Flowing in the Gossamer Fold by Ben Spivey that I read earlier this year.  I've never met Ben but I really dug the book quite a bit.  Check it out, for sure.  It's short and good.

Also, I just saw via Facebook that Paula Bomber's collection Baby & Other Stories is available for pre-order on Amazon now.  Haven't read this yet--can't wait to.

In other news, I just watched the Mad Men debut.  Fucking awesome.  How do they write so many good lines every episode?  It doesn't sound that hard until you realize no other show manages to do it.

Saw the comedian Brian Finkelstein perform tonight.  He had a self-interruptive style that allowed him to stagger and stack thoughts and narrative threads that he'd presumably refined with great care.  He was excellent.  He told a story about putting a dead cat on his neighbor's door, interrupted by (among other things) a story about retaliating against a date who said he wasn't funny.  Google reveals he's done the Moth; I'm not surprised.

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