brothercyst: WEEK OF FOCUS

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


On Saturday I went down to Laguna Beach to visit a friend and talk at length about a project we're working on.  Don't know where it will go but I'm excited about it -- it's a good feeling.  And the drive down was nice, if cloudy.  Laguna Beach is the Martha's Vineyard of Southern California.  They don't allow chain restaurants there -- it's where the people who own the chain restaurants live.  Seemed relatively peaceful once you're out of the downtown area.  Parts of it felt a lot like the Hollywood Hills, another place I will never be able to afford real estate.

Sunday, yesterday, and today and tomorrow were/will be spent working. On Thursday I go to New York, then Boston, then New York again.  Life is busy.  I haven't read any books in at least a week.  What should I read?  I don't know -- something from the stack.

Today I laughed at this blog.  This girl makes a living off her blogspot blog, just by telling entertaining stories and illustrating them with her computer.

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