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Thursday, September 02, 2010


One thing I remember about my reading habits as a child is that I would read a book until so late at night that I couldn't keep my eyes open, and then fall asleep with it in front of me, and when I'd wake up in the morning the first thing I'd do would be find my place and just keep reading as if I hadn't been asleep at all.  When I'm really engaged in a book now, I'll do the same thing--instead of checking my email or the internet or eating breakfast or getting up and taking vitamins, I'll just keep reading.  What did I do that with in recent memory?  Brand New Cherry Flavor, Confessions of a Justified Sinner, Under the Dome, The Magicians, Feed, The Pregnant Widow, and this morning at 6 am, Horns, which I haven't yet finished. It's excellent, much better than I expected (especially because I didn't love Heart-Shaped Box, which I read last week, groping around for escapist fare; I liked it just enough to read his other book).

Ian Rogers, author of Temporary Monsters, wrote a post about Midnight Picnic here, which is very cool. Thanks!

What else.  I'm going to see a movie tonight that I'm really excited about.  Before that, I'm staying indoors all day to read/work/write.  Except my fridge is basically empty, I might have to go to the grocery.


Little Miss Nomad said...

Same here. The only book I've done that with recently is Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger.

Trevor said...

I just listened to Heart Shaped Box last week. It was all right. Started Horns yesterday and I like it much more than HSB so far...

You should do a post listing books you are compelled to read cover to cover, but listing like 20+ ... or a lot, whatever, going back as far as necessary. Listened to Rebecca not too long ago, liked it...I looked for that LaVelle guy, but his books aren't available in audio (yet?) ... same thing with The Magus. Broke down and read Blood Meridian...took a while to read, then found it on audio and listened to it as well. Easier for me to listen to books at work. Gonna look for BNCF and COAJS on audio soon, but if you find time, I'd appreciate a longer list!