brothercyst: NOT MORNING?

Monday, September 06, 2010


Aghjk, whoa, I just woke up... from a long nap.  Had a dream that seemed to have something to do with everything that happened last night and earlier this morning, but starring all different people.  Have to think methodically to determine what's real and what isn't.  I bought a new (old) shirt from Out of the Closet.  I love my new shirt.  I've been wearing it for two days.  I swam four miles this weekend.  I wrote in a notebook.  I had a string of about eight hours that were terrible in a comic sense, like I was starring in a sequence from a Judd Apatow movie designed to show "look how hapless and forlorn" our awkward straight man protagonist is.  Sometimes when I have a day or night that bad I just have to stop, write the details all down on my phone, and email it to myself for future reference, which is what I did this weekend.  Anyway then I logged onto Facebook and noticed an old ex-girlfriend just got engaged and burst out laughing because that seemed so Apatovian.  I don't even particularly like Apatow movies.  I liked Funny People and Knocked Up, I guess.  Hated the 40-Year-Old Virgin.  I kept muttering, "He's a serial killer... he's a serial killer, don't go in his house.  He'll put you under the floorboards."  Carell was so creepy.

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