brothercyst: 3 GOOD MOVIES AND A SKUNK

Sunday, October 03, 2010


My apartment's been smelling like a skunk for some reason.  That reason is a) A skunk became upset outside my window, or b) someone is using/storing/dealing extremely strong marijuana right nearby (which is fine, since California just decriminalized it!), or c) my room was so messy and dirty it smelled like a skunk.  I cleaned it quite thoroughly and the smell lingers, so I don't think it was c).  Annoying.

I saw The Social Network and Monsters and another screening of It's Kind of a Funny Story.  All excellent.  It's Kind of a Funny Story, which I'd seen at an earlier screening, did a terrific job of translating the book, and it held up brilliantly on a second viewing.  Go see it when it comes out next Friday.  I'm going to see it again. 

The Social Network is gloriously elegant and intelligent.  It goes so fast, especially at the beginning, that you have to keep up, an experience that feels rare and exciting.  And it's a terrific portrait of how rejection, especially romantic and social rejection, drives ambition.  I'm going to see it again tomorrow.

Monsters is fascinating.  It was shot for super cheap, and concerns a future America where half the country is an "infected zone" inhabited by giant glowing migratory octopus-like creatures from outer space that are in constant conflict with the US military.  A photojournalist is assigned to escort his boss's daughter through the infected zone to get home... the effects, all apparently done on the director's computer, are excellent... the locations (in Mexico) are atmospheric... my only issue was with the casting.  The female lead looks like Paris Hilton and is an utterly boring actor.  The male lead is a bit better.  But the movie is very very good, overall, particularly because of a beautiful, poetic, really haunting moment at the end.  It was totally unexpected and made me love the movie and admire the director, Gareth Edwards.