Thursday, October 14, 2010


I just woke up from a dream where first I was in a house with some of my relatives.  Bees kept bothering us.  My parents wouldn't discuss the bees.  I got stung all over my wrists and ankles, which swelled up like huge scarlet cuffs.  Then I went into a room where my cousin was showing a movie she had made.  I seemed to be in the movie, wearing a white t-shirt, unshaven.  I was in a bar or lounge of some sort, laughing and yelling at people.  Then my cousin turned off the movie because her father was there and she didn't want him to see it.  Then I went on a trip with my friend R.... we traveled to Egypt, where there were beaches.  We were all in the water when a siren went off.  Everyone ran out of the water.  We looked back in and finally saw some fins.  Big black triangular fins that somehow also looked like giant black butterfly wings sticking out of the water.  Then suddenly the water was clearer and we could see the shape of an enormous great white shark (think imagery from Jaws, a formative movie of my childhood) under the surface, eating something.  I scrambled to get my camera to take a picture, but then the shark was already gliding away.  We saw other fish where it had been, presumably eating its leftovers.  Then my friend R. and I went into some small Egyptian coffee shop, and for some reason I tried to explain to him one basic presumption about the concept of a "soul": that if you had your nose or eyes or face amputated, you would still be you, but if you had your soul amputated, you wouldn't.


I was briefly in New York this weekend.  I didn't tell anyone because it was such a short trip.  I was in Brooklyn Oyster Bar with ASB at night when, as we finished eating, we noticed it was raining.  We figured we'd wait out the storm but it quickly and violently got worse.  Hailstones the size of prunes roared down.  You could hear the parked cars rattling.  The street was full of water.  A family who'd been unfortunate enough to get caught outside rushed into the oyster bar for refuge.  We stayed for an hour or so, until the storm died down, and the bartender kept giving us free drinks.  The place became a little shelter.  It was good.

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tinmaninc said...

That sounds like a wild dream. I have a goal of seeing Great Whites from a cage in South of these days.