brothercyst: SMASH-UPS

Friday, October 29, 2010


Saw multiple car accidents this week.  BANG.  I turn around, smashed-up cars are drifting to the side of the intersection.  I come around a curve, mutilated luxury sedans are strewn across the road, a car horn still blaring.  In one of the accidents the drivers staggered out and they both had bright red hair.  Quite a coincidence.  The girl looked really scared, the guy looked peeved.  I think it was the guy's fault but the girl was making a left turn so she'll probably have to pay.  Full of mixed emotions this week.  Writing a new story called The Obese.  Can't imagine who would ever publish it.  I like it a lot.  Got lots of rejections this week.  Saw two documentaries, both spectacular.  One was Exit Through the Gift Shop.  My friend had been urging me to see it saying he found it inspiring.  I found it the opposite--depressing, disheartening from the perspective of somebody trying to "make art" (in the broad definition, counting writing as "art").  But it's a terrific movie.  Even better was Waiting for "Superman," one of the best things I've seen all year from a dramatic perspective.  The "climactic" sequence is incredibly suspenseful.  The whole thing made me pretty woozy.  I sent my mother an email afterward.  And today I sent my high school teacher an email.  The movie reminded I probably wouldn't have gone to a good college or tried so hard to be a writer if I hadn't met him.  Just ate dinner: eggs, Crystal hot sauce, toast, and cheese.

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