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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's a little chilly.  The day was beautiful.  Last night I went to a Human Rights Watch event about protecting LGBT rights internationally.  Boris Dittrich and Steave Nemande spoke--both of them excellent speakers as well as passionate, intelligent activists.  Nemande started his own rights group in Cameroon.  This was his first time in California.  He said he thought it was beautiful.  If you have any money, you should give them some.

I've got a cable hookup now, but no TV.  I just got internet.  I live in a monastic space.  My room's very small.  The Manhattan living experience.  But the view is beautiful.

Later last night at a birthday party, I met the director of Hostel.  I mentioned two horror movies I liked or at least admired and he said they were "shit."  He gave an example of a recent horror movie he liked, and I said it sucked.  Then I unintentionally damned-with-faint-praise a movie that his friend had made.  (Not The Last Exorcism; I liked that and wrote about it back when I saw it at the LAFF.)  Then we agreed on two horror movies we both liked: The Orphanage and Man Bites Dog.  He told me to watch three movies: Punishment Park, Pieces, and Who Can Kill a Child?  I'm excited to watch them.

I had an enormous lunch today.  A BLT with grilled shrimp.  Then I just fell asleep.


alan rossi said...

very cool. thanks for sharing those horror movies he told you about. which were the two horror films you liked that Roth said were shit?

N A said...

Martyrs and Inside

alan rossi said...

again, thanks. want to watch those.