brothercyst: DREAMS

Monday, November 08, 2010


Incredibly vivid dreams last night.  First involved my dad being hired as a documentarian for a former African dictator-king.  I was helping him out and we went to this storage house where he had lots of the dictator-king's belongings.  It turned out almost all the "belongings" were hacked off body parts.  We had to move them from one side of a big room to another, and as we did, we snacked on them.  Also, there were some Alaskan crab claws mixed in.  Those I set aside because I was afraid they'd gone bad.

Then I dreamed I had a house next to a bar.  We were holding a party at the house but a lot of people we didn't know had showed up.  Actually, I don't want to type this all out right now.  But at the end, after the party was over, there was a pitch dark room I thought I was alone in, and a little light came on illuminating the face of this stringy-haired old man.

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